Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Happy birthday to me

So... Now I'm 17 at all!!
Well.. One year after 16 and only one year before 18! It seems last sunday I was only 14! How much does the time run! What I'd like YOU to give me for my birthday? Well, I don't wanna say the same things as lots of people do: "the most important gift are the thoughs".
No no no, I'm not the kind of person who's closed to money and love buy everything, but if you want you can give me for my little birthday:

  • A single fly to London (no matter about the place to sleep, everybody at the Central House Hotel!!!)
  • A meeting with Coldplay (or Radiohead, you can choose on your own)
  • New electric guitar (Gibson, it's not too expensive!)
  • Some pedals for my guitar (I've seen some, only 200 euros per piece!!)
  • A fly to the USA (California if it's possible)
  • Safety and Blue Room EP by Coldplay (the fist cost only 2000 €uros, it's not too much!)
  • the last one... A bassist for my little band!!! (They're so hard to find!!)
Here's your choices. They're quite cheap! Aren't they?

Apart from jocking, I'm leaving on thursday. I'm going to sicily, I'm gonna see my cousins, my grandma for some days then I'm goin' to the sea! Aaah! I'm looking forward for some beaches, some real sun and sunbathing as well!! So you won't read any stories until the end of the month... I'm back on August the 20th! Happy Holydays to everyone who comes sometimes in thi little wonder-wall. See you.

A speacial greeting to all the coldplay fans that write everyday on the most beatiful forum I've ever written on. Thank you for the wishes. See yuo as soon as possible! (Perhaps I'll find an internet point there :P). Ah, Happy Borthday to my twin sister, she was born as well.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Most Beautiful Holiday

- This is the most beautiful holiday I've ever had -

Credo di non essermi mai divertito tanto in 6 giorni consecutivi. Nonostante fossi a soli 180km da casa mia è stata una di quelle vacanze indimenticabili, irripetibili e tutto quello che si può dire di bello! Gli abitanti della "casa" erano quattro: il sottoscritto, la padrona di casa (Marzia), la cugina della padrona di casa (Martina), e l'amico del sottoscritto e delle cugine (Filippo). Poi vi era lo special gest costantemente presente (chissà perchè... :P) Federico, mitico uomo pure lui che abitava nell'appartamento di fianco.

Io,Marzia(maglia arancione),Marti(di fianco),Fede(Maglia nera),Fillo(straiato)

Non riesco a descrivere una giornata tipo, anche perchè più che giornata dovrei descrivere la nottata. Ci si alzava alle 12 circa, si faceva colazione, si pranzava all'una e mezza, fino alle 3 si guardavano e griffin poi con molta calma si andava in spiaggia e si tornava per le 8, pronti a metterci autonomamente ai fornelli, se volevamo magnà!!! Si usciva ogni sera verso le 10:30, 11:00 diretti in centro, sul lungomare a bere e fumare (io non fumo, sia chiaro... cioè metà sigaretta ogni tanto la scroccavo ma non ho mai ucciso più di 1000 alveoli... chi sà, sà!). Si passava la notte fuori fin verso le 4... lungomare, una sera discoteca, una sera notte bianca, una sera a ballare sulla spiaggia. Ci si ritirava e prima delle 5 non si andava a letto, tanto la mattina dopo nessuno ci rompeva il chezzo che dovevamo svegliarce. Si guardava il sole sorgere dal mare di fronte al nostro giardino, poi ci si apoggiava su qualcosa di morbido (letto, se andava bene!) e ci si addormentava!

Una delle albe in spiaggia

Il tutto corano da puro divertimento, coi nostri ritmi, i nostri piaceri, i nostri interessi! Non vedo l'ora di rivedere gli abitanti della casa (spero presto, anche perchè un'altra bella birra insiete ci sta!!!)

- I Must della vacanza -

"la mamma di Zidane è una p*****a"
(cantato quasi allo sfinimento)

(possibilmente la Bud!)

(assaggiato una volta, non male)

(vista tutte le mattine)

And so on...

Per vedere tutte le mie altre fotine clicca qui!

Monday, July 10, 2006


9 LUGLIO 2006





Che partita ragazzi!!! Dopo l'ultimo esilarante rigore di Grosso ci siamo fiondati in centro a Bologna... sembravano le 8 di mattina quando ci sono le fiere, strade bloccate, gente che sfilava, scene deliranti, di tutto e di più. Bologna stava esplodendo. Sui viali in zona porta Lame c'erano le macchine che sfilavano come a Rio de Janeiro per il carnevale, trombe da stadio, gente truccata. Mai come a Roma o a Napoli certo però è stato bellissimo comunque. Il clou della festa era in via marconi, all'incrocio con via Ugo Bassi e via San Felice... bello bello bello!!! Il mio primo mondiale vinto dagli Azzurri. Il calcio non è proprio il mio sport preferito però ieri è stato bellissimo comunque.
Domani parto, fino a domenica al mare... finalmente!! Ci sarà di sicuro da divertirsi. See you on Sunday!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Souls and Mind
And both up right
Heart and thoughts
honey we've got
look the moon look the night
it's too soon to be bright

There's always someone who wants to be different... who wants the others to be different! I wonder if I can know the reason why. After 9/11 the world has changed and we perfectly know this. And I think it's changing right now and it was changing last year on 7/7 in London. But we've got to learn that the life hasn't changed only for countries in Europe on in USA. The life isn't the same for Iraq, Afganistan and other est-countries or African as well. Someone, sometimes, decide to make a war, to pay $9.000.000 dollars per day (and much more!), to kill human lives and to break human laws. If they don't do this, their economy will crash down in a week. United States economy is based for 60% on weapons... that's the warlike economy!

Last week a person I know said that in her opinion muslin are without heart and without soul. I was quite scared about her words 'cause she was seriously convinces she was right. Shit head withou brain! Fucking person! I can't think that in the 21th century there's still someone with so old-fashined thoughts... I felt so sad when I heard that words, I'm not jocking. In front of my house there's a family. They are muslim and seriously they are so much better than lots of catholic people I know. The person who think the others are different are not racists, they are fucking idiot. Aren't they?

I wanna finish these lines with a quote from one of my favourite album, it is about politik and fair trade.

For countries to develop or even survive they need to be able to trade fairly. At the moment, poorer countries are strangled by ridiculous international trade laws and ruthless western businesses, keeping million trapped in poverty and widening the gap between rich and poor.
There is no reason why this issue should not be adressed.You can find out more, and join the campaign for fairer trade, by going to

Some businesses already produce "fair trade" products, and supporting these can only help put more pressur on less conscientious companies to re-think their standards. Here are some other instresting adresses

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Look At Me

Friday, July 07, 2006

52 Memories

You come into a bubble and then you're safe forever. You watch the world goin' on and the only think you can do is smile or cry. You sometimes touch the thin couloured rainbow over the sky, and you're there, nobody can broke your dream... nobody can take your life without your permission. And then, one morning, while you're watching the lives passing you by, someone is allowed to kill everythings and everyone when he wants.
So you fall down and crash on the streed under your feet.
BAAANG!!!! A noise is all over the world. Scream comes from all over the city. People cry, run and run everywhere. You can't do nothing for them. Blood streem over their faces like they've stolen their soul... the sun isn't in the right place. The rain that's always there, has rushed off, like it's frightend as well.

Pull it apart.... pull it apart. There's nothing you can do, nothing you can do. You're lying on the street. You can only hear voices coming from place too far from there. They've broken your peace. They've broken your dream. They've broken your live. THEY HAVE KILLED YOU!

AsMuchAs TheyDoSoTheCouldBingYouHome.ISwear

July the 7th, 2005

52 People Died Without Any Fault, Died Because They Were Living, Died Because They Chose To Take Those Busses and Those Metro. Now all we have is 52Memories to take care of.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Two men were talking about math (or something different)

"Oh, what do you think about 2+2? Does it always make up four?" The clever man asked
"Well, I think yes, why not?" The big-headed man replyed
"Are you shure? I think it makes up 5" He said with a little smile
"Are you pulling my leg?" The other man thought his friend was joking
"No i'm not... I think 2&2 always makes up 5! Look at my hands... 2 and 2, obviously it's 5!"
The brainless man laughted and took his way home.

Maybe he was right (as many people think), but the other one could dream and live a perfect life without any kind of border and his dreams could take him everywhere, even in the moon, among the stars, amid the clouds.
The truth it's not in what they say, it's hide into our mind. We've got to find it and if you want, all your dreams could turn into real.

Are you such a dreamer?
To put the world to rights?
I'll stay home forever
Where two & two always
makes up five

I'll lay down the tracks
Sandbag & hide
January has April's showers
And two & two always
makes up five

It's the devil's way now
There is no way out
You can scream & you
can shout
It is too late now

You have not been
paying attention

I try to sing along
I get it all wrong
I swat em like flies but
Like flies the burgers
Keep coming back
Maybe not
"All hail to the thief"
"But I am not!"
"Don't question my authority
or put me in the dock"
Go & tell the king that
The sky is falling in
When it's not
Maybe not.

(This lirycs by Thom Yorke, the god of alternative rock ever lived)