Sunday, July 09, 2006


Souls and Mind
And both up right
Heart and thoughts
honey we've got
look the moon look the night
it's too soon to be bright

There's always someone who wants to be different... who wants the others to be different! I wonder if I can know the reason why. After 9/11 the world has changed and we perfectly know this. And I think it's changing right now and it was changing last year on 7/7 in London. But we've got to learn that the life hasn't changed only for countries in Europe on in USA. The life isn't the same for Iraq, Afganistan and other est-countries or African as well. Someone, sometimes, decide to make a war, to pay $9.000.000 dollars per day (and much more!), to kill human lives and to break human laws. If they don't do this, their economy will crash down in a week. United States economy is based for 60% on weapons... that's the warlike economy!

Last week a person I know said that in her opinion muslin are without heart and without soul. I was quite scared about her words 'cause she was seriously convinces she was right. Shit head withou brain! Fucking person! I can't think that in the 21th century there's still someone with so old-fashined thoughts... I felt so sad when I heard that words, I'm not jocking. In front of my house there's a family. They are muslim and seriously they are so much better than lots of catholic people I know. The person who think the others are different are not racists, they are fucking idiot. Aren't they?

I wanna finish these lines with a quote from one of my favourite album, it is about politik and fair trade.

For countries to develop or even survive they need to be able to trade fairly. At the moment, poorer countries are strangled by ridiculous international trade laws and ruthless western businesses, keeping million trapped in poverty and widening the gap between rich and poor.
There is no reason why this issue should not be adressed.You can find out more, and join the campaign for fairer trade, by going to

Some businesses already produce "fair trade" products, and supporting these can only help put more pressur on less conscientious companies to re-think their standards. Here are some other instresting adresses


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7 e mezzo. Bravo, ma puoi fare di meglio.


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