Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Happy birthday to me

So... Now I'm 17 at all!!
Well.. One year after 16 and only one year before 18! It seems last sunday I was only 14! How much does the time run! What I'd like YOU to give me for my birthday? Well, I don't wanna say the same things as lots of people do: "the most important gift are the thoughs".
No no no, I'm not the kind of person who's closed to money and love buy everything, but if you want you can give me for my little birthday:

  • A single fly to London (no matter about the place to sleep, everybody at the Central House Hotel!!!)
  • A meeting with Coldplay (or Radiohead, you can choose on your own)
  • New electric guitar (Gibson, it's not too expensive!)
  • Some pedals for my guitar (I've seen some, only 200 euros per piece!!)
  • A fly to the USA (California if it's possible)
  • Safety and Blue Room EP by Coldplay (the fist cost only 2000 €uros, it's not too much!)
  • the last one... A bassist for my little band!!! (They're so hard to find!!)
Here's your choices. They're quite cheap! Aren't they?

Apart from jocking, I'm leaving on thursday. I'm going to sicily, I'm gonna see my cousins, my grandma for some days then I'm goin' to the sea! Aaah! I'm looking forward for some beaches, some real sun and sunbathing as well!! So you won't read any stories until the end of the month... I'm back on August the 20th! Happy Holydays to everyone who comes sometimes in thi little wonder-wall. See you.

A speacial greeting to all the coldplay fans that write everyday on the most beatiful forum I've ever written on. Thank you for the wishes. See yuo as soon as possible! (Perhaps I'll find an internet point there :P). Ah, Happy Borthday to my twin sister, she was born as well.


At 2:07 am, Blogger Jacko83 said...

buone vacanze eh.. :)

At 2:07 am, Anonymous Francesca said...

te li avevo fatti sul topic di coldplayitalia...ma te li aggiungo anche qui,...

Buon compleanno!!! Tanti auguri!

Francesca :-)


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